Cathedral of saint Resurrection

Cathedral of saint Resurrection

Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection - a former Jesuit church -  belongs to Austro-Bavarian baroque school stands out clear composition of the main volume, proportionality, warrant strict restraint and plastic walls. The slim silhouette of the main facade complement tent completion of two towers, which forms borrowed from the hutsul wooden architecture. Numerous restorations and repairs did not change the overall shape and structure of its design.

Construction of the original Jesuit church in the city began in 1720 and ended in 1729 - when it held its first service. Technical errors during construction led to the fact that cracks that threatened the building itself as well as parishioners. In this regard, in February 1752 the temple was dismantled and rebuilt (new building was completed in 1763).

 In 1849, after ukrainians demanded ​​in Caesar opening the Greek Catholic diocese in Stanislav (so once called Ivano-Frankivsk), the church was transferred under the UGCC Cathedral. Soon the temple was set five-tier iconostasis, which is sponsored by the artists Modest Sosenko and Anton Monastic and carverof the Carpathian region. The outstanding church leaders worked in the Cathedral. In particular, the third bishop of Stanislav 1899 was in the future Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyj). And after him during 1904-1945 diocese was  headed by Bishop Gregory (Khomyshyn), which Pope John Paul II during his pastoral visit to Ukraine declared Blessed

Now administrator of the Cathedral church of the Holy Resurrection is Archpriest of central  Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy of the UGCC is Mitered Archpriest Yuri Novytsky.