From the Choir Director

From the Choir Director

Greetings to all fans of choral art on our site. The mission of the “Choir "Voskresinnia" (Resurrection) is quite extraordinary and symbolically important. It is not only active concert activity and informing the listeners priceless masterpieces of Ukrainian choral music, but Sunday service of the Lord in the Divine liturgy in the Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection. The greatest h onor and duty to God to be a leader in the church choir, and even more in the central church of a metropolis Ukraine.

Simultaneously, it is a unique spiritual wealth, a source of inspiration for creativity and something incomprehensible sublime that it is impossible to convey in words but in common prayer to bring to God.

I try hard to inspire like-minded people to create desire and want it to work intensively to develop their talents and to remember that life is beautiful and short. Approximately ninety percent of our rich repertoire of sacred music, which is based on the Psalms, that is prayer. Common prayer chorus ─ a great power, and choir ─ a medicine for the human soul. It is said that he who sings and prays twice that prayer works ... By combining all these principles into one, we are working on enriching the spirituality and choral culture.

Our site briefly highlight information about Chamber Choir "Resurrection", its activities, handling, repertoire, and more. I am pleased to evaluate your comments and criticism, the opinion of everyone for me and my team is very important. Follow the news on  our site and tell others about us. Attend our liturgies, concerts bring good humor and heartfelt applause. We are always glad to your attention and presence.

Best regards Vladimir Rudnitsky